More Info. on Fires & Barrens

On barrens in Nova Scotia

  • Oberndorfer, Erica C. & Lundholm, J.T. 2009. Species richness, abundance, rarity and environmental gradients in coastal barren vegetation. Biodiversity & Conservation 8:1523-1553. Abstract

  • Burley, S.T. & Lundholm, J.T. 2010. Environmental predictors of forest expansion on open coastal barrens. Biodiversity & Conservation 19: 3269- 3285. Abstract

  • Barrens
    Pages from Volume II (Topics and Habitats) of the Natural History of Nova Scotia (Nimbis/Nova Scotia Museum, 1997) dealing with barrens and bogs are available at

On wildfires and fire ecology

  • Le Goff, H & Sirois, H. 2004. Black spruce and jack pine dynamics simulated under varying fire cycles in the northern boreal forest of Quebec, Canada. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 34: 23992409. Abstract

  • Martine, C.T., et al. 2005. The biology of Corema conradii: natural history, reproduction, and observations of a post-fire seedling recruitment. Northeastern Naturalist 12(3):267-286. Abstract

  • The U.S. Fire Effects Information Service provides detailed information on the fire ecology of individual species:

  • Wildland fire in ecosystems: effects of fire on fauna, ecosystems, cultural resources and archeology, soil and water.
    Comprehensive documents by the U.S. Forest Service. See links listed at

  • Is Your Home Fire Smart? This Nova Scotia Natural Resources page also gives links to other N.S. Government pages dealing with wildfires

On jack pine and broom crowberry in Nova Scotia