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Purcell's Cove Conservation Lands
Post-Fire Photos

The Purcell's Cove Conservation Lands, administered by the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, encompass two parcels of land located off of PurcellŐs Cove Road and extending to Flat Lake, approximately 1.2 kilometers inland:

  • The Captain Arnell Conservation Lands (30 acreas), which were donated to NSNT by the Field brothers (Roger, Nigel, Kenneth, Peter, Robert, Chris, and Nicholas Field) in 2003;
  • The Napier Family Conservation Lands (56.7 acreas) which were donated to NSNT by members of the Napier family (Agnes, Corinne, Mary, Murray & Paul Napier and Ben MacIntosh) in 2009.

These lands include unusually diverse wildlife habitats ranging from rugged granite coastal headlands, undeveloped shorelines contained within undisturbed watersheds, bogs, granite barrens, freshwater lakes and a developing hardwood forests.

HFN donated funds towards the land survey of the Capt. Arnell Conservation Lands and legal processing and agreed to conduct a biological inventory of the property. The inventory is an ongoing process with field trips conducted to date on June 2 & 4, 2006; Sept. 22, 2007; and May 4, 2008. The survey is made along a hiking trail which traverses both the Capt. Arnell Conservation Lands and the Napier Family Conservation Lands.

On April 30/May 1, 2009, an intense forest fire "cut a swath though Spryfield, Purcell's Cove and Ferguson's Cove." (Chronicle Herald May 2, 2009). A substantial part of the Capt. Arnell lands was affected.

Here, we are compiling photos and formal and informal reports by HFN members of the post-fire state and recovery of these lands. Please forward items to hfnwebmaster@yahoo.ca. (Pre-fire photos are also sought.)

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