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All the Birds of Nova Scotia

Ian McLarenn’s Just released book makes interesting reading for nature folk. It’s not a guide, but focusses on “the finer details of occurrence and identification… readers can find answers to questions such as: Where does the bird normally occur? Is it common or rare, or becoming more, or less, common? Is it unusually late or […]

Large polypore mushrooms on Halifax Oaks

Some spectacular polypore mushrooms have been spotted on or by old Halifax Oaks, as reported for Nature Notes yesterday evening. View Pics

Thursday, Oct. 4: From Greenland to Here

On our Thursday evening meeting, Carl Duivenvoorden, Speaker-Writer-Green Consultant will talk about Greenland, a huge factor in climate change, and the potential impacts of climate change on Atlantic Canada. Also, he’ll present solutions – both large-scale and local – and discuss how everyone can make a difference through personal actions and advocacy. All welcome. Read […]

St. Mary’s River Trip this weekend cancelled or postponed

The joint NSNT/HFN weekend on the floodplain of the St. Mary’s River scheduled for this weekend is cancelled because of heavy flooding caused by recent rain. We may try to reschedule.

Photos from Purcell’s Cove Conservation Lands

Photos from the joint Nova Scotia Nature Trust/HFN field trip of August 18th, 2012, and the full species inventory for the Purcell’s Cove Conservation Lands (PCCL) are posted on this website. See PCCL Photos & PCCL Inventory. The PCCL is the only formally protected area in the “Purcell’s Backlands”.

Deborah Wiles’ Wild Flowers of Nova Scotia

Artist Deborah Wiles has created a series of 50 paintings featuring Nova Scotia’s wild flowers to raise funds for a modest International Artists’ Retreat that she is building at a rural Nova Scotia site. Read more

Thurs. Sep 13th at 6pm: Williams lake

Beginning on the eastern shore of Williams Lake, we will traverse a variety of habitat types – Hurricane Juan recovery sites, ravines, wetlands, old forests, barrens, and a recent fire burn-over. On the way are a few splendid views over William’s Lake and the surrounding area. Read more

BMBC Park Conceptual Plan to go to Sust. Comm. Thurs. Sep 6

Exciting news this week – Peter Bigelow will be presenting the BMBC Park Conceptual Plan to the HRM Sustainability Committee on Thursday – 1-4, at former Dartmouth Chambers, 90 Alderney. This presentation is necessary to gain approvals and then to go before Council. To locate the Plan, go to: see 7.1.2. See also the […]

Geoffrey Grantham: Purcell’s Cove Backlands en plein air

HFNers will especially appreciate Geoffrey Grantham’s en plein air paintings from the Purcell’s Cove Backlands. They are on show September 8th to 29th, 2012 at the Swoon gallery, with an opening reception on Saturday September 8th. Read more

Thursday Sept. 6th: Fundy Tidal Power

Dr. Graham Daborn, Acadia Tidal Energy Institute, will review the prospects for, and the problems of, tidal power generation in the Bay of Fundy. 7:30 p.m. at the NSMNH (Our first meeting for the fall season.) Read more

Saturday, Aug. 25: Colpitt Lake Back Country

Walk beginning at 1pm, start at the south-eastern corner of Williams Lake, go to Colpitt Lake; a variety of habitat types – Hurricane Juan recovery sites, ravines, wetlands, old forests, barrens, and a recent fire burn-over. read more

Saturday Aug 18th: Purcell’s Cove Conservation Lands

This walk is hosted jointly by HFN and Nova Scotia Nature Trust (NSNT), and led by an NSNT staff member. It involves participants in documenting the flora and fauna of Purcell’s Cove Conservation Lands (PCCL). This urban wilderness property is very accessible. Read more