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Burntcoat Head Park Walk (Leaders:  Andrew Hebda and Gwyneth Jones )
4 May 2024

Photos:  Lesley-Jane Butters, Brian Bartlett and Bernie McKenna                                           Music:  Helios
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City Nature Challenge
Hemlock Ravine Walk (Leader:  Sean Haughian)
27 April 2024

Photos:  Don Flemming                                                                                                                       Music:  Keith Kenniff
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Burke-Gaffney Observatory Visit 22 Jan 2024                                                                          This intriguing photo was taken by Elizabeth Mills with her iPhone through the sighting lens of one of the smaller portable telescopes.

YNC Swamp Milkweed day
Pictured below are the YNC group, Learning about Swamp Milkweed and it’s critical value to Monarch Butterflies. During this outing participants made seed bombs with harvested seed to take home with them. They also exuberantly tasted several cultivated and wild plants, Ground Cherries were a big hit. Directed by their leaders and parents they were a joy to watch and listen to. This outing was arranged and carried out in collaboration with the Halifax Field Naturalists Society. Photos thanks to Jennifer Hahn.

Middle Stewiacke River Run
Saturday, July 8th, 2023
Photos: Bernie McKenna


Our group consisted of five canoes, two kayaks, twelve paddlers – and one Jack Russell Terrier!
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One of the two active Bald Eagle nests we saw.

We were expertly led on this trip by our own HFN member Gareth Harding, and well led we were.


Gareth made a great choice as to river route site, good water flow and level, lush vegetation from water level to tree top, and a gravel bar lunch spot that even had a swimming hole in a back eddy.

Several species of bird life were seen.

I suspect everyone’s highlight was a colony of 30 to 40 Bank Swallow nest tunnels – that brought back a lot of memories of days when they were much more common

We were on the water by about 11:30 and off by 3:30 or so, lunch and swimming included.

Great day  all around, from the river, the scenery and the company.  It could not have been better.

Piggy Mountain Hike
April 16, 2016
Photo by Karen McKendry

Piggy Mountain Hike
April 16, 2016
Photo by Richard Beazley

Wentworth Falls
May 9, 2015.
Photo by George Mitchell.