Calling all Naturalists! Biota Survey at Otter Pond Demo. Forest June 27

Calling all Naturalists! Biota Survey at Otter Pond Demo. Forest June 27
“Please join us for a day in the woods at Otter Ponds Demonstration Forest. A biota survey will take place on Saturday June 27th – and we’d like your help! The site is located roughly an hour and a half from Halifax, near the community of Mooseland, in the interior of the Eastern Shore.

“Our goal is to increase our knowledge about the property‚Äôs flora and fauna. Naturalists with various interests are invited to participate. Please bring along field guides, GPS, binoculars, sturdy waterproof footwear, snacks, water, and insect repellent. The survey will take place throughout the day. We intend to focus on four areas of interest: hardwood drumlins, softwood lowlands, wetlands, and a core area of old forest that hasn’t been harvested since the late 1800’s.

“The survey will be a public event, inviting folks to come and enjoy a day of learning. Drinks and a BBQ lunch will be provided. Rain date: Sunday June 28th.

“For more information and to register, please contact Clare Robinson (

“About Otter Ponds:
Otter Ponds is a demonstration forest that is operated as a division of the Nova Scotia Woodlot Owners and Operators Association. It is a 500-hectare forest managed by a unique partnership that includes four non-governmental organizations, a forestry company and the province. OPDF is a place for all Nova Scotians to learn about forest ecology and the sustainable management of the native Acadian Forest. It is a living laboratory that shows how timber production can be compatible with the protection of the full range of other forest values and services.

“Otter Ponds demonstrates the philosophy, science, and practice of uneven-aged management. It produces timber for market using the best forest practices presently known, while protecting wildlife habitat and the Tangier River watershed, respecting the ecosystem services provided by the parcel, and enhancing the social and cultural value of the forest. Management practices are certified to the Forest Stewardship Council’s Maritime Standard.

“Please visit us online at:

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