18 June 2024 HFN Talk: Carbon Run

There will be a Zoom option for HFN Members.

The Nova Scotia Salmon Association’s Ecologist Edmund Halfyard, PhD, along with Dalhousie environmental scientist Shannon Sterling, PhD, co-founded Carbon Run, a company whose mission is to ‘restore the health of rivers and their natural ability to draw carbon from land — to sea’. The presentation will detail the situation we are currently in, the steps needed to rectify this, and Carbon Run’s approach to doing so. Through their research, they have found that when water quality is restored, rivers regain their natural ability to markedly increase biodiversity while drawing down carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Several of our HFN members have previously seen this presentation (last fall) and highly recommend all our members also have the opportunity to see it.

For more information, email: hfn.inquiries@gmail.com

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