Brief history of HFN

The Halifax Field Naturalists were founded by a group of graduate students in the Biology Department at Dalhousie University, led by Paul Keddy. The first formal meeting was held in October, 1975. Paul was elected president and ran the organization during its first two years. “The new club was instantly popular with the public, and people from all ages and walks of life rushed to join. By the second winter, the little group of grad students, by then with help from others, was kept ever more busy servicing a community-based membership that had passed 300!” (Kathy Brawn Aldous, in The Halifax Field Naturalists, No 122, 2006).

The First 40 Years (1975-2015) recorded in the pages
of the Halifax Field Naturalist (18 MB)

HFN History Minutes
The Chair of the HFN 40th Anniversary Committee, Grace Beazley, introduced a special program item for the 40th anniversary year: HFN History Minutes. The Minutes provided a way to remind and/or inform older and newer members about tidbits of HFN’s history at each meeting.