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Mushrooms of Nova Scotia
“This project contains observations of mushrooms from Nova Scotia, Canada.” Created October 4, 2020

Birds of Nova Scotia
Project for “Tracking observations of birds found in NS” Created June 5, 2018

Big Trees of Nova Scotia
“This iNaturalist project is part of the effort by Nature N.S. to create a database of the largest trees of all native species that grow in the province. The project started in 2005 and has collected about 60 tree measurements before this iNaturalist project was created. The ( webpage has information on tree measurement as well as all the tree data and pictures for those large trees.”

Nova Scotia Herp Atlas (2021)
Project created by Nick Knutson for Clean Annapolis, Mar 25, 2021 “Help us study the reptiles and amphibians of Nova Scotia!” Observations for Nova Scotia in the period Jan 1, 2021 ยท 5:36 AM UTC – Jan 1, 2022.

iNaturalist observations within boundaries of “Sandy lake & Environs”

Example of using iNaturalist Project to document species occurrence within a prescribed local area:
Flora and Fauna of Sandy Lake (Bedford, NS) & Environs
Created Nov 18, 2018, ongoing To Date (Apr 4, 2021): 1,046 Observations, 330 Species 59 Observers. Any observations within the prescribed area are automatically recorded under this project.