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HFN hosts a Private Facebook Page, the Halifax Field Naturalists Nova Scotia Nature Archive.

From “About”:

Welcome to The Halifax Field Naturalists Facebook Page.

Thank you for taking an interest in our naturalist group. If you would like to join please remember to answer all three questions. It takes but a moment and it allows us to better meet the needs of our members. 🙂

We have created this page to:
1. To provide and easier way for many people to share Nova Scotia based Nature Photos. ( While many of our nature photographers have set up their own photo sites there are still many of us who take nature pictures but have no regular place to to easily share them.)

2. To provide a central location for people to share Nova Scotia based Nature Photos. (Currently many wonderful NS nature photos are scattered over several sites.)

3. To create an archive of NS Nature Photos.

4. To share with a larger number of people the passion we have for Nova Scotia Wildlife.

To see more NS Nature Photos or to learn more about the Halifax Field Naturalist you can visit our web page at http://halifaxfieldnaturalists.ca/hfnWP/ or simply type Halifax Field Naturalists into your favourite search engine


ThebFacebook Page is a great place to share photos, ask questions about them. We also make announcements there. An example  of a recent post response is given below (posted with permission of S.K., & Thx S.K.):

Surely that’s a good thing to know about this beetle!