HFN Conservation Committee comments on High Production Forestry Discussion Paper

Following the recommendations of the Independent Review of Forest Practices in Nova Scotia (the “Lahey Report“), NS Lands & Forestry is proceeding to set up a Triad system for managing Crown lands.

There are three zones: a Conservation Zone, consisting of Crown lands currently qualifying as “protected”; a High Production Forestry (HPF) Zone in which there will be intensive production and logging of trees; and an Ecological Matrix Zone in which “Ecological Forestry” is practiced.

Protocols for locating HPF sites and management and logging of those sites are being developed by L&F’s High Production Forestry Project. On Feb. 20th, they released a High Production Forestry Phase 1 – Discussion Paper with an invitation for public feedback by Mar 13, later extended, at least for “stakeholders”, to Mar 31.

The Conservation Committee of HFN submitted this document yesterday (Mar 31, 2020):

Need for Biodiversity Landscape Planning before finalizing HPF and Ecological Matrix components of the Triad, and for caution in selection of HPF sites in acid-stressed watersheds.

Protocols for the Ecological Matrix Zone are being developed under L&F’s Forest Management Guide Project. Also relevant are  revisions to the Old Forest Policy which  are  being developed under L&F’s Old Forest Policy Project. Those projects have not yet issued drafts with requests for pubic feedback.

For more info on the process, visit L&F’s Ecological Forestry page.

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