Colin Stewart Conservation Award

The Colin Stewart Award was established in 2004 to honour a lifetime of contributions by Colin towards conservation initiatives in Nova Scotia.

Colin served on our Board for over twenty years and was essentially our one person Conservation Committee. He was instrumental in getting The Halifax Public Gardens’ significant trees identified and then signed, and in establishing the Piping Plover Guardian Program, the Nova Scotia Trails Federation, and the Federation of Nova Scotia Naturalists (now Nature Nova Scotia). He was the WWF Endangered Spaces Coordinator for the Province. Colin helped to set aside Nova Scotia’s 31 new Protected Areas and developed management plans for several parks and other natural areas. He was a founding member of the Nova Scotia Nature Trust. Colin was a spokesperson for the naturalist community in dealing with various levels of government. View more about Colin in Bob McDonald’s Tribute to Colin Stewart.

HFN established the Colin Stewart Conservation Award to recognise Colin’s many contributions. Colin himself was the first recipient of the award before he passed away prematurely in 2004. Please see the writeup in the Spring 2004 issue of Natural Landscapes (a publication of the Nova Scotia Nature Trust ) for more about Colin.

The Award is given annually to an individual or group for significant conservation efforts in Nova Scotia when appropriate nominations are forthcoming. Recipients after Colin have been:

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Nominations for the award are called for in the fall of each year (but can be sent in any time). The deadline is November 30th, with the award made at our AGM in March of the following year.

If you wish to recognize an individual or a group for significant conservation efforts in the province, please consider nominating them for this award. Please consult the following documents:

A completed nomination form should be sent by Nov 30, 2016 to:

Halifax Field Naturalists
Colin Stewart Award Committee
c/o Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History
1747 Summer St.
Halifax, N.S. B3H 3A6