Expansion of HRM Goodwood Composting Facility

After the hike to the Drysdale Bog in Goodwood, we learned via the Western Commons Advisory Committee that the area, situated near the Halifax Western Common, is partially considered for expanded development.

Please consider their statement (as follows):

We are concerned that even though the Western Commons Advisory Committee unanimously opposed an HRM proposal to replace and enlarge a new organic waste composting facility in Goodwood, NS, HRM staff is nevertheless taking preliminary steps to re-zone the site to prepare for this new facility.  The Halifax and West Community Council will consider the re-zoning proposal at its next meeting on Tuesday, 6:00 p.m. in Council Chamber, 3rd Floor, City Hall, 1841 Argyle Street, Halifax.
Your members may share our concerns and may want to attend this meeting or write to their councillor to let them know their view. If they wish to write—even a single sentence—we are providing the names of the councillors who comprise the Halifax and West Community Council at the end of this message.  Even if your members don’t want to express a view, we ask you to forward this message to your members for information.
The Western Commons Advisory Committee has five substantive reasons for opposing the expansion of the composting facility:
1.  Encroachment
The Western Common was set aside as designated Park land in part so that it would not be used as a “land bank” from which to borrow land anytime a need might arise.  Encroaching on designated Park land would contravene this principle and would set a precedent for future encroachment on Western Common lands.  (Note:  Contrary to the original intent of designating the Western Common as a wilderness park, the proposed new facility would expand the current facility and encroach on designated park land.)
2.  Location
The area has a history of contamination difficulties and offensive smells. Such problems are not good for a sensitive environment, the local community, or a wilderness recreational park.
3.  Financial Incentive
The proposal to replace and expand the present facility does not acknowledge the contamination or smell issues that the present site has experienced, does not indicate what remediation (if any) would be carried out, and does not provide any safeguards that would prevent these issues from recurring on an even larger scale.  No amount of financial incentive would provide adequate compensation in exchange for the possible perpetuation of these issues.  (Note:  The proposal offers the community a $1 million “incentive” for loss of park land and any other “inconveniences” that the new composting facility would bring with it.)
4.  Environmental Assessment
Nova Scotia Environment has not conducted an environmental assessment of the proposed site of the new facility.
5.  Zoning
Designating a sensitive wetland area I-3 (General Industrial) would be inappropriate and would set a precent for future heavy industrial use in the area.
The meeting Agenda and he HRM Staff proposal for re-zoning can be viewed at
Members of the Halifax and West Community Council are as follows:


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