Thursday January 2, 2020: Evening talk on North Atlantic Wright Whales

Source: Wikipedia

Timothy Frazier holds a faculty position at Saint Mary’s University in 2009, and his research now focuses on using genetics to improving the understanding and conservation of whales. Whales are some of the most intriguing, yet difficult to study, animals on the planet. Many species have also been heavily exploited by humans, and are now endangered and are a concern for conservation. Because they spend so much of their time underwater, and so much of their behaviour occurs out of sight. Genetic analyses can be particularly useful for revealing otherwise hidden aspects of the lives of these animals and the threats that they face. In this talk Timothy Frazier will give a broad overview of the ways in which genetic analyses can help us understand and conserve whale populations, highlighted by specific case studies from his research program.
All Welcome at 7:30 pm Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History on Summer Street (lower entrance).

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