NSIS Monday, September 14th 2020: Socially Responsible Science: Through the Earth Sciences Lens

SPEAKER Dr. Anne Daziel Faculty Associate Department of Biology, Saint Mary’s University2020
With the ever-increasing demand humans continue to place on earth’s physical resources and our growing understanding of the environment, Dr. Ryan explores the heightened need for geo-ethics among working earth scientists.“What is the responsibility of (geo) scientists in today’s society? How do we balance the ethics involved in ensuring a sustainable environment while also extracting the materials we deem necessary for modern civilization in the 21st Century and the future? Whose responsibility is it to educate science students on awareness and accountability in relation to society and to the environment?”These are just some of the questions that the interface of geoscience and ethics pose for us as a society. Join us to explore science versus humanity from the perspective of earth scientists, with implications for other ?elds of science.”
Due to covid-19 it will not be in-person, but will be available on Zoom. The link to the Zoom meeting will be posted on the NSIS website ( http://nsis1862.ca/ or http://nsis.chebucto.org/ ) just prior to the start time.

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