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June 2018
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Thursday evening, June 13: Tree Scavenger Hunt

witch hazelJoin us as an expert or novice at 6:00 p.m. at the Dingle Tower Parking Lot for a tree scavenger hunt. Read more

Thursday, June 6: Antarctica for an Hour of a Month

David MacKenzie will share highlights and impressions of a trip which he made to Antarctica. 7:30 pm at NSMNH. Read more

Rhodora spring

RhodoraBlooms of rhodora are just coming out in The Valley and are still in the bud in HRM woods. This deciduous azalea was featured in the Nova Scotia Naturally column in The Chronicle Herald Saturday ed. today (May 18th). See article

Thursday, May 2: Wetland Policy, Vernal Pools and You

vernal pondJohn Brazner of NSE will describe the goals and objectives of the Vernal Pool Mapping and Monitoring Project and do his best to recruit some citizen scientists to help with the monitoring of vernal pools in their favourite stomping grounds. 7:30 pm at NSMNH. Details

Monday Apr 22nd: Donna Crossland on Wind and fire in gloomy forests

forest Donna will provide a brief examination of 18-19th century forests, and describe how assemblages of floral species were influenced by natural processes and human-altered disturbances, as early settlers toiled in dim shadows cast from tall trees. Meeting of the NS Wild Flora Society, all welcome. Details

Thursday, April 4: Broken Rivers

Bob Bancroft, well-known retired biologist and President of Nature Nova Scotia, will trace how rivers used to function in terms of water, geology, and the provision of aquatic habitats and how land use became an issue when settlers from Europe began clearing to the water’s edge… Read more. 7:30 pm at NSMNH.

Spring & Early Summer Walks & Talks with HFN

paddleOur programme for walks and talks in the upcoming months is now posted. Join us on a paddle, learn about vernal pools and more!

See Walks and Talks

Rare Florida owl spotted on McNabs

owl“Birders say a small owl, native to Florida, has been discovered in Nova Scotia for the first time. The rare burrowing owl is listed as a species of special concern in Florida. A shot of the bird with its piercing yellow eyes and spotted plumage recently appeared in the middle of a half-hour Land and Sea documentary about Nova Scotia islands that aired on CBC Television.” Read more

Hope Swinimer receives Colin Stewart Conservation Award

Hope SwinimerHFN established the Colin Stewart Conservation Award in 2004 to honour a lifetime of contributions by Colin towards conservation initiatives in Nova Scotia. At our AGM on March 7th, the award for 2013 was given to Hope Swinimer for her work to rescue injured wildlife in tandem with promoting conservation of their native habitats. Read more

Thursday Mar 6: HFN Members’ Slide Night, AGM, & CS Award

frogHFN is noted for speedy rather than lengthy AGMs, always followed by wonderful photo presentations. Also, the Colin Stewart Conservation Award will be presented & we have a social (tea and biscuits) afterwards. All welcome. 7:30 pm at the NS Museum of Natural History on Summer Street.

Province slow to act on Natural Resource Strategy

forest CBC Interview with Matt Miller of EAC. The strategy set timelines but there has been a lack of progress on significant issues. He explains the difficulties with the government’s definition of clearcutting. Go to CBC interview

Province releases Our Parks and Protected Areas: A Proposed Plan for Nova Scotia.

NS “This plan advances Nova Scotia’s efforts to protect and conserve the natural landscape, potentially adding 221 properties and more than 245 000 hectares (ha) – a combined landmass equal to nearly one-quarter the size of Cape Breton Island. And it proposes to protect more than 13 per cent of our province’s outstanding lands. This plan will be the basis of our final consultation with Nova Scotians in 2013. Before any lands are finalized, we want to hear from you. ” Read more