Contribute to Online Map for Halifax Green Network – by June 30

Screen Capture of the online mapping tool All nature lovers are encouraged to provide input to the Halifax Green Network Plan (HGNP) by adding pins/descriptions to the HGNP online mapping tool to identify lands are that important for biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services.

This map and information about the HGNP are available at

A memo written by the Our HRM Alliance Greenbelt Scientific Advisory Committee
provides some further context from an ecological perspective.

As a component of Phase 1 (Phase 1 – Planning Foundations the values, issues and goals) of the Halifax Green Network Plan the map is available for input is available only to the end of June, 2015.

The online mapping tool and survey allows people to identify points on the map and describe why they are important and what we need to consider for their long-term protection and use.

You can zoom in on the map to a site you want to identify a site, select a theme (typically “Ecosystems” for input about birding sites, for example) and place it on the map. This opens up a form with boxes for input of 1. Place/Site name, 2 Special feature, 3 description, 4. This place is important or rare because 5. This place/area is vulnerable because, 6. I wish/hope this place, 7. Additional Comments, 8. Comment by..

When you go to the map, consult the working menu given at the top right (Basemaps, Layers, Draw, Instructions and a link to O2). (In some browsers you might have to click on the toggle box with three horizontal lines to bring up the working menu).

Under Instructions it tells you that there is a limit of 250 characters for the large text boxes, 100 for smaller text boxes; also that you can attach images, 1 MB max file size.

You can see what others have contributed, but don’t hesitate to provide more input on particular sites as that will simply underscore their values.

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